Specialized guard

Starting with the performance of the security audit and up to the effective services execution, INTERGUARD GROUP SRL offers integrated security solutions.

The solutions and services are adapted according to the objective and situation, the customer’s individual needs and requirements and address both to state institutions, private companies but also to any other organizations.

We provide a wide range of security services by the organization of security devices at each type of location, consisting of qualified personnel, certified by police bodies, that has the technical facilities and is equipped to fulfil the job tasks under very good conditions.

The guard and security activity that we propose in your locations is organized and coordinated by management personnel highly experienced in the field. The services that we provide comply with international and domestic business standards, which are acknowledged also by our business partners.

The provision of the company’s guard service is executed under the guard Plan prepared by the beneficiary and approved by police bodies, such approval being further obtained by the beneficiary, according to the law, with the support of our consultants.

The own security agents are equipped with outfit appropriate to the season and to the mission they are to fulfil, the same being determined under the Regulation of organization and operation, approved by the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police, in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 333/2003.

The human security service will be provided at the highest professional standard, the security agent fulfilling thus several functions and tasks.

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