Installation / Maintenance

The provision of the designed systems installation within the company is executed by qualified personnel certified by the police, carefully selected and trained.

The burglary detection system ensures the detection of intrusion attempts in the security areas of the objective and the alarming of the intervention team in due time.

The fire protection, detection and alarm system made by the company is adapted to the specific functions of the protected buildings and installations.

The full objectives security may not be ensured without an efficient video monitoring that allows both real time monitoring of events and suspect persons and the video recording of images, for the purpose of checking further and providing evidence at court.

The control system selects, controls and orders the persons movement inside some well-defined areas, by checking the access authorization of each person requesting the access in the area.

The perimeter detection systems hold a special place, wherein the state-of-art technologies in the field are integrated.

The service of electronic security systems consists in:

  • Control of systems operating status, examination of connections to accumulators, control of alarm functions, defects.
  • Cleaning of component items and trace of detection elements having encountered damages, shifts or whose visibility was reduced by furniture placement.
  • Visual inspection of installations for the detection of any moisture traces.
  • Good operation testing, performance testing according to technical characteristics.
  • Analysis of accuracy in using the systems installed by the beneficiary’s personnel.
  • Control on the remote transmission of alarm signals.
  • Replacement of defective equipment by compatible equipment or of the same type.
  • Provision of specialized consultancy for the allocation of user code and re-programming of certain system’s particulars.

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