We guarantee our provided services and we assume any encountered damages, based on the civil liability insurance policy executed with OMNIASIG VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP SA., within the limit of EUROS 1,000,000.

Also, we provide internationally standardized services, having the following implemented certifications:


SR EN ISO 9001:2008

This certification proves our capacity to supply products fulfilling the customers’ expectations and applicable regulatory requirements, being intended to increase our customers’ satisfaction.

A certified quality management system proves our commitment for quality and customer’s satisfaction.
The organization’s confidence in its capacity to produce « quality » is the premise for a long-term, reciprocally beneficial relationship for all our customers.

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Occupational health and safety management system

SR OHSAS 18001:2008

This certificate proves a policy in the field of occupational health and safety, appropriate to the organization through objectives, purposes and programmes, ensuring continuous improvement, risks identification and legal requirements related to the occupational health and safety.

The occupational health and safety management system requires management activities which control the occupational health and safety, being mainly intended to reduce the number of accidents at workplace and to remove their causes, at the same time aiming at obtain the appreciation and safety for customers and partners, but also low insurance costs.

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Environmental management system

SR EN ISO 14001:2005

The certification proves our commitment for the control of activities generating a beneficial impact on the environment and the compliance with the legislation in force. This environmental management system is based on the review of the company activity’s effect on environment, the preparation for emergency situations, the wastes management.

Also, it shows the company’s effort for the environment protection in accordance with the standards and legislation in force, as well as the better organization of the environmental activity based on a clear policy and well-defined objectives.

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Information security management system

SR ISO/CEI 27001:2006

It is the only international standard defining the necessary conditions for the existence of an Information Security Management System. The standard creates the necessary framework for the selection and the application of appropriate and proportional security measures, for the purpose of protecting information resources and obtaining the confidence of partners, particularly of customers.

The information security management system is based on the determination of information security requirements and purposes, the implementation and management of control systems, ensuring specific security objectives of the organization, providing its business partners and any other partner companies with relevant data about the information security policies, standards and procedures, data protection in terms of confidentiality, integrity and availability of installations and systems.

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Social responsibility management system

RS 8000

This is the first standard with social implications, which aims at improving working conditions, being based on the principles of the convention regarding human rights.

RS 8000 is a standard applicable to companies which are interested in the audit and certification of working practices, as well as in the cooperation with suppliers partners or customers, which proves the attention towards social responsibility and is intended to gain the confidence of actual and future partners, to improve the company’s image, to decrease to personnel fluctuation degree, to improve working conditions, to reduce risks related to work accidents, a remuneration level corresponding to the provided work.

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Management system regarding the objectives security and patrolling services. Code of good practice

BS 7499:2013

The standard provides recommendations for the management, personnel and the operation of an organization supplying security services – objectives security and patrolling, being established as a code of good practice.

BS 7499 explains the normative references, as well as the terms and the conditions related to the security services provided by the organization.

The purpose of implementing, certifying and maintaining the management system is that to provide all our customers with services in a professional manner and at the highest qualitative level, so as their confidence and conviction and those of interested parties are ensured, in connection with the fact that all applicable legal requirements are approached and monitored appropriately.

This system applies to all issues related to the operation of our organization, from the initial contact with customers, contracts’ execution and continues by the successful provision of security and patrolling services, where all the organization’s employees are involved.

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