Monitoring / Intervention

If you wish to ensure a high degree of security for you, your close persons, your partners or for the locations, assets and values that you hold, at all times and in all situations, our company provides you with a monitoring and intervention System covering Bucharest and its surrounding areas, integrated as sub-system of the general System implemented by INTERGUARD GROUP SRL in the area and which proved its reliability and efficiency, through technical means that are used and the existing intervention procedures.

On its whole, the system consists of: Bucharest local Dispatcher’s office provided with performant reception, analysis and control equipment, technical system for alarming at locations, connected to our dispatcher’s office by phone or GSM and which may cover more events (hold-up, burglary, fire, releases of marsh gas or carbon monoxide, flood, excess of temperature limits etc.) and the intervention structures that act by the company’s vehicles and consist of specialized personnel equipped and fitted according to the intervention needs, including guns, if necessary.

The connection to our dispatcher’s office may be made both for technical alarm systems existing in locations, regardless the system and its configuration and for those that, through our specialists, we may install if you do not have such a system installed.

The system that we suggest to you includes the following activities:

  • Evaluation of the technical alarm system existing in the location and determination of technical compatibilities with our dispatcher’s office (previously installed system).
  • Management takeover and maintenance of burglary systems previously installed in the location.
  • Design, installation and commissioning of burglary systems in locations, if they were not previously installed. The activity consists in:
    • A security audit performed by our specialists ;
    • Determining with you the security needs;
    • Preparation and submittal of the technical project at the Police General Inspectorate for the purpose of its approval;
    • System installation and commissioning;
    • Provision of guarantee and post-guarantee service.

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