Our people

The services that we provide are ensured by well-trained specialized personnel. Our company considers the personnel as one of its most valuable resources. The investments in employees’ vocational training, skills upgrade and performance improvement are basic long-term objectives.

The entire security personnel is carefully selected, checked and tested, both upon employment and during their evolution within the company. Currently, we have almost 1900 employees.

All security agents are professionally certified. For any possible employees without vocational training certificate, qualification courses are organized within our company and graduates receive a qualification certificate further to an exam undergone before a committee appointed under the law conditions.

Along the over 10 years of experience on the market of security services, we have gained an excellent reputation as employer, offering one of the best working and professional development conditions, being fully compliant with the most exigent requirements in the code of work discipline and particularly of the specific legislation in the field of guard and security, by the cooperation with the state competent authorities.

Also, we maintain and develop transparently a cooperation relationship with local and specialized authorities in the area of secured objectives, for the best representation of our customers’ interests.